Monstrous Animals

I was writing haiku for all the entries in the old Monster Manual which has a lot of animals. While personally, I would not like to encounter these but they lack the fantastic touch that most of the other entries have. But I did write a few and here they are.

Ant, Giant

Another big bug?
Guess, they really ruin
A giant’s picnic

Ape (Gorilla)

Shy jungle creature
Just wants to be left alone
Don’t mess with the ape

Ape (Carnivorous)

This one is very bad
Loves fresh meat, never surprised
He will smell your fear


What’s with all the apes?
This is Dungeons and Dragons
Not a safari


Savage, all claws and teeth
Found in real life, but at
Least, it’s not an ape


Death fish, so sleek
Not as big as a Great White
But don’t go swimming

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