The Subject Part Five

A.E.G.I.S. REPORT # 89H6-7Y4
PROJECT: November Delta Alpha
DATE: October, 26th, 20XX

B: Doctor Edgar Corta, thank you for your patience.
C: What is going on here?
B: I need to ask you some questions about project Durendal.
C: What is that?
D: Doctor Corta, let’s not waste each other’s time. We know that you were working on that project.
C: Whatever I worked on, I’m not at liberty to say. I signed a NDA when I began at Sanderson, so I can’t speak about any work I did or did not do.
B: Full disclosure, the board of directors at Sanderson Industries have been currently indicted on a long list of charges, not the least of which are illegal human experimentation and treason.
C: But they…
B: Yes?
C: The subjects signed releases, we were told that it was all legal.
B: A corporation putting potential profits above the law? Shocking.
C: I want my lawyer. I have the right to legal council.
B: Indeed you do.
C: I’m not saying another word without my lawyer present.
B: Doctor Corta, I completely understand your concerns, and you will be given the opportunity to contact an attorney. I should tell you that Byer, Randall and Moskowitz, the legal firm that represented Sanderson, and by proxy you, have terminated their relationship with that company and chosen to cooperate with us in this investigation.
C: I have no lawyer?
B: You will have access to a public defender.
C: This is a joke!
B: I assure you, both myself and my superiors are treating this whole affair extremely seriously.
C: I don’t really have any choice, do I?
B: Of course you do. You can help your country in this time of crisis and earn the gratitude of this nation and perhaps the world. Or you can invoke your Fifth Amendment rights and hope for the best.
C: I’m going with the first one.
B: A very wise choice. Now, I need you to tell me everything you know about project Durendal.
C: It was a next generation quantum-scale technology project. Do you know what nanotech is?
B: I have a general idea.
C: Most companies have barely scratched the surface of nanotech. Well, this is next level stuff.
B: In what way?
C: Do you have multiple degrees in physics and engineering?
B: Let’s assume I don’t.
C: Okay, nano-machines can directly attack cancer cells or clean up an oil spill or make odor-resistant clothing.
B: Handy. And what can quantum-scale technology do.
C: Theoretically, it can change things on a sub-molecular level.
B: Meaning?
C: As an example, we can take anything and make it virtually indestructible. A coffee mug, a building, anything. But that’s just the beginning. Theoretically, it means you can rewrite the laws of physics.
B: That’s quite a breakthrough.
C: I know.
B: I wonder why you wouldn’t publish your findings. This would win you a Noble Prize, wouldn’t you say?
C: Of course it would. I wish I came up with it.
B: You are the Project Manager on Durendal.
C: Yes, I am.
B: But you didn’t bring this to Sanderson?
C: Like I told you, I wish. Someone else came up with the actual physics.
B: And who did come up with the actual physics?
C: Upper management referred to her as a consultant but everyone, including me had to defer to her. I mostly did the paperwork, I didn’t do any of the actual science.
B: Does this consultant have a name?
C: We called her Doctor Kim. I never learned her last name.
B: Thank you for your cooperation.
C: Am I free to go now?
B: For the time being, consider yourself under protective custody.
C: How is that different from being under arrest?
B: The food is better.

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