The Subject Part Two

Flagstaff Gazette

October 24th, early edition


Bowen’s Gas station on US Route 89 exploded yesterday afternoon but miraculously, there were no fatalities or even serious injuries.
As first responders made their way to the site, they discovered six people a half mile away from the station.
“They were just standing there, on the side of the road,” said EMT Jamie Stevens,
27. “Everyone was in shock.”
Those six people were later discovered to have been at Bowen’s when the blast took place.
Gary Brockett, 19, who was working at the station at the time, had this to say.
“There was this streak of light that headed right towards me. Then I felt like I couldn’t breath none. Then, I was on the side of the highway and I sees this fire ball on the horizon. It was crazy. Crazy!”
Firefighters were able put out the blaze but the cause is still unknown and the ATF and local officials have issued no comment other than it is an ongoing investigation.
‘We’re all just so lucky to be alive,” said survivor Sally Martinez, 43, “We all have a guardian angel.”

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