An observation

I had the privilege and terror of doing a public reading of a portion of Chosen this past weekend. It was terrifying because not only am I sharing my work with people in public but I am also performing so I am being judged not only as a writer and an actor. Now, I fully acknowledge that this is wholly in my own head but that doesn’t make it any less real.
People tell it went well, so I’ll banish those particular demons for now. I’m sure they will return in some other form but not today.

I did come away with another insight, in preparing for reading my work out loud, I found myself editing, even up to a half hour before the show. I rearranged sentences, and more importantly, I took words out. There is nothing like reading out loud to find all the fat in your writing.

This is not a new observation, I’m quite sure of that, but it did bring it home to me in a tangible way. I’m also happy that I can have a minor epiphany on a Saturday night that doesn’t involve drinks. (Not that there is anything wrong with that.)

Also, when you have written, “He sighed” in prose, that’s great but when you read it aloud to a room full of people, just sigh.

PS That’s just what I did.

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