Something new

It seems people enjoyed my D&D Haiku, so I am starting a new Twitter account in which I posy a new D&D Haiku every day. Please follow @D_and_DHaiku.

In longer form news, I am giving you, my faithful followers, the choice of what I will write next. I an putting some opening lines below. The one that gets the most votes, will be a short story. Vote in the comments section below.

1-If Jerry had any sense, he wouldn’t have put on the pneumatic brass gauntlet.

2-Synching with the node, Jessica let the flood of symbols inject into her cortex.

3-With the carved bone and polished sea glass fitted neatly into each other, the Glyph was complete.

4-Nanobots sped up Paul’s nervous system so that pivoting and breaking the monstrously muscled thug’s arm felt like moving underwater.
5-Dark grey snow fell from the sky, blanketing the hills in charcoal down, making this, officially the worst Christmas ever.

6-People used to complain about cockroaches in New York until the homunculi showed up.

7-Sliding through the robot’s legs, Krash fired his Atomo-Pistol on rapid blast at the power module conveniently located on the behemoth’s back.

8-“Summoning an efreet to reheat a cheeseburger is not a suitable use of his or your talents,” said Myrden the Mysterious.


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